Suburban Management Group


Suburban Management Group (formerly Suburban Asset Management) is a private investment and management company focused on the acquisition, development, and management of commercial real estate assets. Founded in 2007, the company owns and operates over two million square feet of office, retail, and industrial space, along with 3,200 proprietary self-storage units. The company also provides asset and property management services to venture partners and third-party ownership groups.

Suburban Management Group brought us on board to help with a number of design and branding initiatives to bolster some of the brands under its management.

The Work

The very first assignment was to create a new brand identity. As part of its growth strategy, leadership decided to rename the company and thus a new identity was in order. Leadership wanted to retain some of the legacy identity elements at the same time make things more contemporary. The "double triangle" iconography proved to be the leading candidate.

The before and after. Suburban Asset Management's legacy identity and the new Suburban Management Group identity.

Logo on brand colors from palette.

Brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines.

Property sign.

Wearables embroidered with iconography.

We were then asked to create a brand for a planned urban district, Pembroke Station at Town Center. This new mixed-use development would feature a blend of office, residential, and retail spaces designed and arranged in a sophisticated urban environment.

Pembroke Station at Town Center identity and brand guidelines.

Next up was a refresh of the Happy Boxes Self Storage brand. The desire was to retain the primary structure of the identity due to its market familiarity, but make adjustments that would shore things up. We defined new colors and typography that would make things more modern and allow for easier application.

Happy Boxes identity before and after along with brand guidelines and color palette.

Happy Boxes branded corrugated box.

Happy Boxes location with updated signage.

Other Work

Stand For Animals
Digital Creating An Appointment Request Tool That’s More Bite Than Bark

Our friends at Stand For Animals looped us in to help create home-grown, web-based appointment request software that’s aided in their practice's growth.